Saturday, November 06, 2010

Free Kitties For Sale

Three weeks ago we came home to three new beautiful kitties. Our 16 month old cat had her kittens while we were out of town. She had them in the corner of our bedroom. Yes, we now need to replace our carpet. Gracie has turned out to be an amazing mommy. She loves her kitties and is very devoted to them.

Today I put the kitties through their first photo shoot. They were NOT very cooperative. LOL I don't know what I was expecting. They can't really walk well yet. They are so shaky on their legs. But still, they moved around quicker than I could snap them. It was a stressful photo shoot to say the least.

If anyone would like a free Christmas kitty, please let us know. You must promise to love it and take very good care of it. These little guys are our babies. We love them so much. It is going to be so hard to give them away. :( Sniff sniff.

From left to right:
Hope, King George, and Mau.

Hope is our only girl and my favorite. She is so mellow and laid back, she sort of marches to her own drum. She looks just like her momma, only a little lighter in color.

George was the biggest and the most aggressive of the siblings when he was born. He loves to nurse and will push everyone else out of his way. He must look just like his daddy because he looks nothing like Gracie. Our boys love George.

This little guy is the loudest of the bunch. He is always making noise. We named him Mau because we think his momma has Egyptian Mau in her and he also Meows all the time. He is a mamma's boy. Oh, how we love him.


Hope you enjoyed seeing our babies. And if you would like a Christmas kitty and promise to love it as much as we do, please let us know. We would love to find good homes for these babies.
Thanks for looking,

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