Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Morning

I am really disappointed in my Christmas morning pictures. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep (less then 2 hours), the incredibly bad morning sickness, or both! My pictures stink. :(

We had so much fun this Christmas. What a joy to have little Reilly excitedly ripping open everyone's gifts. It was impossible to keep her from it once she learned what she was supposed to do with Christmas paper. LOL She was so cute!

Maddisen and Michael's big gifts were laptop computers. It is going to make school so much easier with each of them having their own. No more hearing them fighting over the computer. I don't know how many times a day I would hear, "Hurry up with science Maddisen I need the computer for Latin." or "Michael, are you done with Math yet? I need to use the computer for bible!"

Brenton's big gift was a digital camcorder. He has proven to be a pretty darn good videographer. He is quite creative. Sveinn is happy to give up the job. Sveinn has a habit of either falling asleep while recording or recording the floor for 5 solid minutes! We have some very boring home videos.

Spencer got a killer Hot Wheels race track and tons of Hot Wheels to go with it. It's pretty cool and you can set it up a bunch of different ways. Reilly received a baby and those baby bottles that look like they actually have milk and juice in them. I remember having those when I was little! I was hoping the baby would help her to learn to be gentle with her new sister or brother come July. Hmmmm? I don't think it is going to do the trick. Though she has moments of tenderness with her baby, usually she is tossing it by the leg across the room. She was actually holding the baby by the feet Christmas afternoon banging it's head on the rock fireplace. She is so rough!

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

The three boys were racing to get to their gifts. Maddisen had wrapped them in rubber bands, tape, etc. and made them almost impossible to open. It was a riot!

Maddisen received an iTouch for Christmas and Reilly gave her an iHome to go with it.

Reilly having a "gentle" moment feeding her new baby.

Grandpa's Christmas Gift

Well, it's been a month since Christmas and I am finally posting this. I am so lame! No, just too busy I guess. This is the tee I made for my father for Christmas. It is one of the items I did for the Thrifty Fifty challenge. It was my very first embroidery project I have ever completed. I've had my machine for over 9 months and the challenge finally gave me the push I needed to actually learn how to use it. The shirt isn't perfect, but I liked how it turned out. We also used the shirt as a way to tell my parents we were expecting baby number six. I think they were shocked! LOL The top two boys on the shirt belong to my brother and SIL and the bottom are our six. I think my father liked it. At least I hope he did. I have done some more embroidery and machine appliqué since then. I love it! I can see where it could get addicting if I had the time.

Here is a close up.