Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh, The Shame........

Well, after promising myself that I was going to blog regularly this year and keep my New Year resolutions, I have failed at both. Life just seems to get in the way and I get so easily distracted. What is that about me? I used to be so organized. Now I seem to spend more of my brain power trying to stay organized and yet it just doesn't ever come together. Hmmmm? Maybe the 6 children have something to do with it.

Anyway, I was thinking about my Project365 (failing there too) and my resolutions last night and I decided that I am not going to lie down and just fail. Whatever I get done towards them this year is going to be considered a success in my book. And I have gotten farther on all of them then if I hadn't made the resolutions. So, I will be proud of that.

From now on I am just going to jot down random things on this blog and not worry about it making sense. Really, who reads it besides me? And this is for my own record and memory anyway (which is quickly fading). So if you are reading this and are not me, hopefully it won't offend or bore you too much.

Today I have two goals. The first is to plan my weekend so that I get something accomplished. The second is to find and purchase an electric kettle. I am sick of almost getting burned by boiling water in the microwave to make tea or coffee while in the basement kitchen.  We don't have a stove down here, just upstairs in the main kitchen.  So I have to rely on the microwave while in the basement.  Since our home school room and my studio are in the basement, I spend quite a bit of time down here. This morning I pulled out the electric coffee maker and quickly remembered why I put it up in the high cupboard years ago. Yuck! I just can't live without my French press and for that I need boiling water. So I am off to find a safe, reliable, and not too ugly electric kettle for my basement kitchen.

First, here is my To Do List for the weekend.

1. Do all laundry. This is a daunting task as I have neglected it lately.
2. Iron, fold and stack fabric in my studio. Another daunting task, but I am slowing working through my huge stash and it will be so nice when it is all done!!  Luckily I washed it all already.
3. Finish cleaning off my embroidery and sewing desks.
4. Work on making a small garden spot in the brush area of our yard for Babs and I.
If I get even half of this done I will consider it a successful weekend. All of it would be AMAZING!

Chat later,

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